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September 09, 2005


Keith Povall

Sounds very odd to me. If you were in the UK, you would have got a big bill for the police and fire service, that's if they bothere to turn out for what was though to be a false alarm.

Even "red service" alarms in the UK like ours at work, are nothing more than noise in the night. Good on your public services I say. They cost a fortune in local taxes here and are F*****ng crap. KP


In my town we get three free false alarms per year. After that they start charging fines. We've averaged about one false alarm per year since we put in the alarm system, so I suppose that's not too bad.

The Everglades

That is the worst! It must've sounded like a juiced up alarm clock, and we all hate the way alarm clocks sound.


Troy Worman

Your tax dollars at work...

Make that call.

Keith H

We had our whole house smoke detectors go off in the middle of the night a while back. Just for about 30 seconds then stop. Then 5 minutes later it did it again. I looked around for smoldering. No signs. Eventually we called the fire department. They checked around but could not find anything. They seemed disappointed they couldn't get a high reading on their C.O. detector. We could smell a slight singed smell from the dryer. After they left, it repeated. Eventually I tried unpluggin the detector closest to the dryer. The alarms stopped. The next day I plugged it in, and the alarms returned. I swapped it with another one in a nearby room and it stopped. Later that day I opened the dryer and found a singed piece of the dryer that I took out. I also cleaned out the dryer vent, as it seemed to still run hot.
Having your alarm go off when your IP is down sounds bad. :(

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