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August 22, 2005



You touched a very sore subject with me and I will try to control the expletives that want to emanate from my fingers right now. It pisses me off that vending machines are in school. PISSES ME OFF. I worry about my own little Freeloader being subjected to that CRAP after 5 years of my protecting him from it. Yeah, junk food is okay as an occasional TREAT, but for every day food? No way.

I have to admit that I was quite proud that I didn't use the vending machines at my last job ONE SINGLE time the entire time I worked there. We did have a cafeteria, so I wasn't totally Junk Food Free, but at least the cafeteria had limited hours.

re: school lunches - hands down, my favorite meals were the chili/cinnamon roll combo and that scary salisbury steak/mashed potatoes combo. Also, why oh why were the rolls at school so darned good??

Tish G

Given I was one of those massively uncoordined kids, I'm shocked when I hear myself arguing for more phys ed in schools. Yet when I see kids whose lives revolve around the couch and Mountain Dew, I'm reminded that things nowadays are a far cry from the days of The President's Council on Physical Fitness and the pediatrician worrying about how "flabby" I was. Nothing compared to what I see these days.

Taking the vending machines out is, at the moment, possibly a token move on the part of most schools. Let's see how they will manage to replace the funding that the vending machines brought in. Then I'll applaud the move.


Cagey - I forgot about the school cinnamon rolls. Those were good!

Tish - Ah yes, the President's Council on Physical Fitness. I got the Intermediate Award one year and the next year I stayed after school working on the good old flexed arm hang and other fitness classics until I got the President's Award. I still have the patch and maybe the certificate, which I think was signed by Richard Nixon.


Yak. It's so true. My kids eat pizza every time they get to buy the hot lunch, and then by the time I pick them up, they're cranky and insufferable. Not good!


YES! Chili & cinnamon roll combo..YUM! My daughter started Kindergarten last week and will be bringing lunch from home. She does buy milk, though. I was a bit disappointed that they have a choice of white, chocolate and strawberry, though. Can't keep the sugar away!

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