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August 31, 2005



I used to write very sad mysteries. My first one featured a character named Kojack (original, eh?) and my mom still has the original on that brown, slightly furry paper with pink and blue lines.

Joy Des Jardins


How adorable is that? And how wonderful that you still have it. I've saved all my kids' things like that too. Just can't let them go. Thanks for sharing....


Althought I've never taken drugs, I imagine that what I felt while reading your cute story might feel alot like an acid-trip! No, really...it is a cute story! I bet you have more hiding someplace...am I right?


If only we could harness that sort of imagination as adults, all of us would be JK Rowlings!


You know, if you illustrate it, I think it would make a cute story for other kids, too.

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