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August 30, 2005



Name tags, It's less awkward to talk to new people, or people that you vaguely know when you know thier name. also some kind of ongoing interactive game, sort of like



Nametags are always good, even if you think they're kind of nerdy. Have people make their own.

Classic party games break the ice and can be played indoors or out - Twister, Celebrity Bowl, provocative Pictionary (using a big chalkboard).

Write a piece of trivia that you know about each guest on an index card and have the cards situated near the beer cooler where people see them and pick them up. The card would ask "Who moonlights as an organic dog biscuit baker?" and people get the urge to find out, start conversations. Make it competitive if it fits the crowd.

mary david

red dots have to pour buy fetch one drink for the blue dots after introducing themsoeves and vice versa...that is if you have name taags and a place to place the dots. hope i know the dates maybe jeff and i will attend..nothing like inviting oneself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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