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August 16, 2005



My husband is always on me to go to one of the outlet stores or TJMax and get new towels. I refuse as ours aren't holey and they serve their purpose--I get dry. He wants new ones as they are a hodge podge of whatever was on sale when we needed them and none of the colors match.



Our towels are a mess! Our guest bath towels are reasonably new and match the decor. Our towels are a free-for-all. I actually found an old scratchy number with Holiday Inn embossed in the fabric the other day (from college I'm sure).

dr. dave

Cute kitten? No, no... anyone who grew up in Maryland knows that "Chessie" is the name of the Loch-Ness-like monster that lives in the Chesapeake Bay!


dr. dave - Oh, if only my towels had a lake monster on them instead of a kitten! I'd buy four sets and have them on display at all times!


OMG! No white towels? I went out and bought a set of really nice, fluffy white towels last year. I live in a 40 year old house, and the bathroom tile is salmon pink. I can't afford to have it tiled again. And there is a limit to how much pink even an uberchick can take. What can I do?!

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