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August 12, 2005



I liked the Marc Jacobs one. Personally, I really like the Pleasures line and Beyond Paradise from Estee Lauder.

I have read that studies show if you wear something floral (as opposed to musky) that it helps to stimulate mental activity - like supposedly, you are "smarter" for the day. Pile on some Mozart and who KNOWS what could happen, right? haha

Jennifer Warwick

Don't forget Love's BabySoft! And in college - I admit it - Tea Rose and Anais Anais. And then there was my Opium/Cinnabar phase...

These days, it's Coco by Chanel. I only remember to wear it once every two weeks or so, but I feel gooooorgeous every time. And my bedside table looks tres swanky.


So hard to find a good perfume. A scent you want to smell allllll day. Anyone know a light jasmine I have been looking for sooooo long. Thanks for the interesting post.

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