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July 26, 2005



She hasn't said that she would stop writing, just not anything further about Harry.

Have you checked out the kid's section of a book store lately? Dozens of new authors are writing really good fanatasy books. Eoin Coulfer has a great series about Artemis Fowl. It's meant for 11-14 year olds, but to truly appreciate it, you need to have a good foundation in fantasy. Highly recommend it.


Stacie: I'll never leave behind the so-called "children's" book section. I like the Artemis Fowl books and I'm overjoyed to see that Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" series is being made into a movie. I never really warmed to the Lemony Snicket books because I prefer genuine gothic adventures to the faux ones (if you haven't read "The Hidden Hand" by E.D.E.N. Southworth, get your hands on a copy - it's worth it!).


I got chills the entire time I read this new Harry Potter. While it is hard to top the initial excitement and magic of reading the first one, this latest did a pretty darn good job. It is almost creepy to have high expectations and have them EXCEEDED for once. JKR did such a better job with the story arc this time around.


Picked up my copy yesterday to read on the plane to BlogHer!


I hadn't heard about the movie for His Dark Materials. I'm about half way through the Subtle Knife for the second or third time. It's one of my favorites too. I doubt I see the movie though; they're usually a disaapointment.
I've read the bulk of the Lemony Snickett books, thinking that there must be something more. When I stopped to think about it, every book had thirteen chapters. At book nine, I figured I'd just wait til book 13 came out and ended the series. I had forgotten about them until the movie came out (which I didn't see). Undecided on checking out book 13 now. But I'll look into Hidden Hand. Thanks for the recommendation.

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