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July 11, 2005




I'm glad you had such a good time on your trip. The last time I travelled it was to see family. I envy you the new experience!

I've been to Colorado (when I was in 6th or 7th grade). I remember having a great time, but can't tell you most of what we did. The pictures that we took are beautiful, though.

Robin Hawks

As a historian and playwright who lived in New Orleans for 12 years, I have to tell you that your witnessing of Tootie Montana's funeral was a very significant event.

A few years ago I wrote a play called "Brotherhood in Congo Square", which chronicles the birth of the Mardi Gras Indian tradition...a very compelling connection between Senegalese slaves and Louisiana Indian tribes in the early 1700's...

Tootie Montana was and will forever be a legend.........I am so glad you got to attend his funeral.

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