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June 22, 2005



I'm not sure if they have the Braum's chain out that way but if you love mint I'd suggest their peppermint stick ice cream. I like it better than chocolate.


Speaking of obscene, Cold Stone Creamery's specialty items are obscene. It's not so much the size...it's just that it has the consistency of flavored butter. I can only eat 1/2 of the kid-sized portions. Ack!

Don't forget the good 'ol Frosty from Wendy's. Not too high in fat either!


That Lemon Pie flavour sounds divine!

Here in NZ we have a flavour called "Hokey Pokey" - basically vanilla with big crunchy chunks of honey flavoured toffee. It's murder on the teeth!

Boysenberry Ripple is another favourite, as well as a Swiss icecream called Movenpick - their chocolate icecream is heaven.


I LOVE Braum's - we do not them here in KC, but whenever I make it to Wichita, I make it a point to pass through a Braum's.

I love Sheriden's, too but agree that their portions are just silly. I usually get the vanilla malt. I just love a good MALT. It pisses me off when places claim they serve malts and then throw a freakin' MILKSHAKE at you. That makes me cry "Foul!"


I must defend the McDonald's "Cone". Yes, it has an awful name, but they give full disclosure here http://app.mcdonalds.com/bagamcmeal?process=item&itemID=336
and as far as frozen treats go, it's pretty reasonable in the calories/fat department. It is a personal summer ice-cream staple to minimize calories while satisfying The Craving (which I also share).


Since becomeing diabetic, I really miss ice cream. Over here, there is such a thing as low fat ice cream, but not low or sugar free. Mind you, my experiences of sugar free chocolate has pretty much put me off.

I don't have a favourite brand, but I do love chocolate ice cream. (I miss tomato soup too)

Goofy Girl

Sheridan's Razzle Dazzle Sundae is best (raspberry, hot fudge and custard), but it is obscenely large (meant for sharing?). I decided to try a raspberry, hot fudge concrete and found out that it hits the same taste buds for 1/3 of the size. YUM!


The new Sara Lee Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream by Bryers is perhaps the best "bought" ice cream I've ever had!


Chocolate/peanut butter swirl. Bryers is doing low-carb now and it's sooooo good. Too good, actually.

Tom Guarriello

I know I'm late, and that this is going to sound pathetic, but let me just say two words: "Edy's Vanilla!"

Remember, you heard it here.


Does anyone know how many calories/fat are in a small cup of Sheridan's Frozen Custard (chocolate)?


Here is a poll: What is your favorite Baskin Robins Ice Cream? Peanut Butter and Chocolate for me. After working there when I was a kid I soon realized that they clearly make the best ice cream there is. For those of you that disagree you must remember quality of the product ends when it is in your hands. If you bought it in a grocery store it’s automatically crap even if it says Baskin Robins on it. Here is the link to the poll I mentioned: http://www.apopularitycontest.com/display_poll.php?ID=14

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