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June 09, 2005



Our son is 2, he repeats everything we say. So we came up with a few of our own. Son of a Snitch, Ricklefritz (my mom said it growing up), Frick, frack, and Holy Heck. Of course he repeats Dammit all the time, so we have a little work to do.


My husband stops just short of the swear word in the "Son of a" phrases. But nevery fear, the five-year-old was able to fill it in for him. Quite proudly too, I might add.

I tend to say, "What the" when around kids and fill in the appropriate swear word when they aren't around. I've never heard either of them saying "what the" so I dont' think that they yet realize that I'm sort of swearing.


A favorite of a co-worker is "shucky darn".


Great post! Are your grandparents British by any chance? I don't often here "blast" or "bother" this side of the Atlantic--wish I did.

My mom was fond of saying "son of a sea cook"
from time to time.

Joy DJ

I've got a couple to add to your list....
"Hop E Lop Lop," (way back from camp days) and "Fiddle-dee-dee." Almost forgot...."son of a bee's nest." This is kinda fun.


I get experience with this almost everyday in my line of work. I teach preschool and kindergarten in a parochial school and we get a lot of kids coming in saying "what the..." and "darn" etc. We discourage this because these words sound so much like the actual bad words. I know that a lot of times the kids don't really know what they are saying, however, when they (or I) am excited about something here are a few that we use (the kids find them funny!)

no matter (courtesy of Eeyore)
Tooty Fruity

We have others but those are the most popular :)


Wow, great additions!

Rozanne - My family has quite a few British-isms in our collective vocabulary, probably from my grandmother's paternal grandparents. I imagine that's where we get "blast," "bother" and the ever-popular "Bob's your uncle," among other words and phrases.

JoyDJ - I love "son of bee's nest"! I'll have to remember that one.


My three year old has let out a few good ones. In her defense and mine, she oftens says, "oh bother", which I'm crediting with too much Pooh. I'm thinking I will need to add "dagnabbit" and "What in the Sam Hill?" to her vocabulary!

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