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June 03, 2005



My wife is woken up at 4 am every morning with a cats face 2 inches from hers. If that doesn't get her up to feed her, the cat will walk all over her until she does. She won't bother me though!


Maybe he has something wrong with him. A stomach tumor or something that is making the behavior change.


Somewhere along the line we trained the cats to leave us alone in bed (I just can't remember how!). However, if a human foot exits the covers and touches the floor our black cat Gumby suddenly appears and begins an incessant stream of meowing. If the foot goes back into the bed the meowing ceases. It's pretty fun to tool around with him.


Huts - The cat doesn't bother my husband either. He's definitely figured out who's most likely to get up.

Frances - I certainly hope not! He seems robustly healthy in general, except for the annoying neediness.

Bitterkat - That sounds like one of our female cats. She waits on the floor until someone moves from semi-consciousness to full awakeness, then leaps up and begins meowing.


Polyphagia ( mucho eating)= sign of diabetes in both humans and animals.
The cat/human has no insulin to carry nutrients across the cell, hence, the cell is starved. Hence, the cat/ human eats more...

Along with polyphagia comes polydipsia... mucho drinking of water.

Take said cat to the vet... for testing .. pronto.

Dave Kelly

Your cat sounds just like my 17 year old male cat.
And I don't have an answer for you except you are not alone in your dilemma.


We had a cat who lived to be 20 years old. She was a needy kitty to begin with, but such a sweet character that we couldn't say no to any demands.
So in later years, she took advantage of us...there were demands for attention and food(she had food available 24/7).and later she used to meow loudly in the middle of the night as if we had abandonned her.
We were told it was part of the aging process..
So been there, done that, and no, you are not alone. It's tough!

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