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June 10, 2005



On the one hand, I agree - I do feel sorry for them. On the other hand, some of them are clearly using the press to their advantage when it suits them (cough Tom Cruise cough Britney) Furthermore, when you open up a major magazine and see that a star has invited a photographer into his home to provide photos of his baby's nursery, you can't feel too sorry for him a few months later when he complains about starstruck fans actually showing up at his house! Have some common sense! (cough James Denton cough)

Regarding fashions, some of those celebrities are BEGGING for commentary (cough cough Bai Ling cough Gwen Stefani cough Courtney Love cough)

Also, check out http://www.amysrobot.com/ - that's a pretty good one, too.

Hands down, gofugyourself is worth the few seconds a day that it takes to read it - that is definitely the beauty of that site, it is very quick to read on a daily basis.


Ooooh, great links. I love the "snark" too!


...and I just blogrolled them, too. It's like blog-candy!


Thanks for stopping by my blog! (Firefly is AWESOME, btw)

I agree that celebs shouldn't complain, much, but I think the public (and the photogs) go a bit overboard.

Can I take your picture?



Common courtesy (on both sides) is lacking, I think. I like the stars that try to interact, give interview, autographs, whatever, but I respect that they need their time at home and away from public scrutiny as much as anyone.

And I would be VERY bad at being famous.

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