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June 21, 2005





Well excusez-moi, Pharmgirl! Whaddaya want, dancing monkeys?


It would be an improvement...


Jane--Thanks for taking the time to review my book, and for your generous compliments. You mentioned all the features I felt are most important: self-contained chapters, easily understood, conversational style, emphasis on overall wellness.

I'm in my 10th year of practice, and see a tremendous need to connect patients with the information they need to make their best health decisions. This book is my first effort; it'll become a "Know Your Bones" series on common musculoskeletal problems. God willing, I'll enlist other specialists to write Know Your Blood Sugar, Know Your Heart Pill...

Jane might be too young to have osteoarthritis, but she can tell her parents; tell her friends. Heck, tell your parents' friends and your friends' parents!

And Pharmgirl, if it takes dancing monkeys to get the word out about relieving joint pain and improve my patients' quality of life--I'm there ;)

Thanks again for your support. Thanks also to Yvonne at Lipsticking/WMEBooks for getting me out here in the blogosphere--it's fun.

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