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May 19, 2005



It's much much better than one(yuck, shudder) or Two. Not as good as Empire, but up there with ANH anyway.

Go see it later at night when the kids won't be there (and I wonder if you'll still get excited when *that* music starts up and the screen crawl rolls up... I did and I was so determined not to).

I agree, Serenity looks fantastic!


Unfortunately, I cannot stand Star Wars, especially that bloody camp robot "marster Luke, Marster Luke, stoppit"...

Jane, you've gone down in my estimation for confessing you dressed up like one of the characters. Which one was it?

Here at work, Growler could be the Wookie just by taking his shirt off, but that's another story.


Claire - I like the late-night strategy, but I remember parents bringing their pajama-clad kids to a midnight showing of the last Harry Potter movie, so that might not work anymore.

Keith - My costume was reminiscent of Han Solo's garb, complete with one of the toy laser blasters. Because I'm left handed, I even sawed off the laser sight and glued it onto the other side so it would fit in the holster on my left leg. In my defense, I was about fourteen or fifteen years old, so I had more enthusiasm and imagination than good sense.


I think that George Lucas went over the edge. Really. I can't watch Episodes 1 or 2 without trying to figure out who is who and what JarJar is saying. He reached his peak with Empire Strikes Back.


Well thanks for that Jane, I don't think the weekend would have been complete if I hadn't known what you looked like. And such attention to detail, re the left handed laser pistol.


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