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April 13, 2005



First of all...bee-hotch! Sorry..I'm just jealous of ANYONE who gets good sleep. Those pesky six-week-olds don't give a HOOT how much mom is suffering. ANYWAY....to ensure a better night's sleep on a regular basis (other than kicking hubby to the curb) try what I've been doing when it's not my turn to "feed". Use those squishy ear plugs to block out the little noises. It makes a huge difference! Congrats on the Zzz's!

Tom Guarriello

I, too, am a VERY light sleeper. My wife, who I love, love, love, is a bit of a snorer. Answer: earplugs.

Hear-O's earplugs are the Muhammed Ali of earplugs, the greatest of all time! Run, don't walk to the 'net to get them for yourself. You won't regret it. Here's a source:


Stay loose!

Good luck!

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