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April 26, 2005



I rip up the labels to everything we receive, then loosely tear the rest of everything else. I try to do it as I sort through the mail. For good measure, it is nice to throw in some fresh cat box dropping and coffee grounds. :-)

I had a shredder at one time, but found that my "shredding pile" built up and then sat there, hanging over my head. In a bid to simplify my life, I started the process of hand tearing as I receive the mail. I haven't looked back since.


I guess this must be a common problem for everyone. I was just talking to people at work the other day how I could not keep up with the shredding of junk mail and how I my desk at home is always a mess with big piles of useless mail to be taken care of and today I stumbled upon your blog. I have also started hand tearing all the useless offers to make my life easier. It's insane to receive this much junk with our scarce resources. I think my percentage of useful mail is maybe only 1% since I have been printing online statement instead.

I will try your link and see if I can receive less of it. Thanks!

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