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April 14, 2005


Goofy Girl

I have a rockin' dentist who is 40-something, very nice, very gentle, allows no flouride-flickage and is kinda cute to boot. Let me know if you want his contact info.

Tom Guarriello

Jane: trust your instinct and find someone else. My wife and I found a spectacular dentist about 10 years ago and the difference between OK and great is huge. Get recommendations. Interview them. Whatever you have to do to get a better one...you won't be sorry.


"I have a filling appointment scheduled a few weeks from now, but I'm having a difficult time deciding if I want to continue with the whippersnapper dentist and his klutzy assistant or if it might be time that I moved on to a more convenient location with more experienced personnel."

Quit him!!! I'll bet you anything he misread the X-rays. There are plenty of good dentists out there, it doesn't sound like there is any good reason to keep going to this guy.


Yah, I agree with Rozanne. It's almost funny that the only reason you keep seeing different dentists is just because each new one took up shop in the same old office you've always been to. It's time to let go!

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