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April 15, 2005



For the most part, I am pretty good with directions except in Boston. That city always threw me off despite how many times I have been there - their streets are so haphazard. I can navigate the subway and highways fairly well, but never the downtown streets.


Yes, you're a tard. Rather than modern technology, I rely on modern medicine to help me in that department. Thank you ADD meds!


Look at the Garmin iQue series of Palm Pilot/GPS combos. I bought the iQue 3600 a couple of years back. There is a cheaper one with a smaller screen now. (Magellan also make one but I like Garmin.)

Well worth the price of admission and you'll never be lost again. I tell mine to route me to "home" or somewhere else I want to go (it needs you to have "defined" the location of "somewhere else" from a map or an address - easy to do) and a voice tells me the direction to turn and even will tell me "off route, recalculating" when I miss a turn.

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