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April 07, 2005



There's not enough room for me to detail all the fiascos I have encountered over the years traveling for work. The one thing that always frustrated me was when my non-traveling friends would say "Have fun in !". I had a few friends who could never fathom that I was actually traveling for WORK and there was NO FUN to be had. Out of the 16 destinations I went to last year, I only "had fun" on about 3 of them - they were all trips that bled into the weekend anyway, so I was still using my own darn time to even have that fun! While I am appreciative of the fact that I have seen so much of the US over the years on various employers' dimes, I can't say it was all that fun.


I agree that those who haven't travelled regularly don't appreciate how tiring it can be. I used to travel a lot around Europe, half the time waking up to a (non automated) hotel alarm call not knowing which language I needed to answer the phone in.

Worst fiasco? Without doubt the time in Germany that a client rented a house for me for a couple of months, thinking (rightly) that I'd prefer it to a long hotel stay. Except that the basement and master bedroom of the house contained hideous nazi memorobilia, a shrine to the owner's dead SS officer father.

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