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April 06, 2005



Similar to the water drinking. Instead of drinking it, hold a full glass of water in your mouth. Be near the sink in case one escapes and you can't hold the water in.


Here is a fool proof remedy, however, not the tastiest: take a wedge of lemon and put a few drops of Angostora Bitters on the lemon and chomp down...


Drink a glass of water backwards--that is, drink from the side of the glass farthest away from your mouth. It's a bit tricky but can be done. You need to be bending over while you do it. It works.


Take 7 sips of water and make a wish between each sip. KP


hold your breath for 15 sec. with a full mouth of water


Take a mouthful of cold water. Pressing your fingers over your ears, swallow a small amount of the water and inhale slowly and deeply (usually six seconds). Swallow a small amount of water and exhale slowly (six seconds again). Repeat this process for eight inhale/exhales. My ballet teacher taught me this when I was a little kid and I thought she was nuts, but it actually does work.

Alternately, you can press down on your collarbones. This somehow interrupts the spasming of the vagus nerve.


OMG! Used a hiccup cure afer 48 hours of hiccups, 39 hours of sore abs!!! THANK YOU THAKN YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

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