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March 20, 2005



Yeah, why not? I'll take the bait.


Me too. Interesting idea . . .


Thanks for playing along Jane. Although I think you copped out on question 2. Relativity aside, you could have shared something YOU consider outrageous, the hell with what the rest of us may think. :)

The answer to question 1 prompts another question. How often do you change the color of your hair?

Yeah yeah. I'm one nosy S.O.B. :)


I change my hair color pretty darned often. I was blonde most of last year until my hair got too dry and frizzy. Then I went to dark blonde, then light brown and now it's a fairly deep brown (the box says "Espresso").


Okay, I don't have a fake name. You may give me one, if you like, or use my given one. Sounds like a fun game. Probably won't see anything until Monday. I'll post some questions for you.

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