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March 15, 2005


Yvonne DiVita

Jane, you're on the homepage of Typepad. Great going! I'm mentioning it in Lip-sticking! You go, girl!


I have gotten several hits from searches for both "celebrity sex" AND religious type of searches that pointed me back to some scripture-type of blogs. Very weird combo, I thought.


I have to say that the weird referral phrases never end. Here are some more that have appeared since I perused my logs last night:

"What type of costumes do the horses wear in tournament in Medieval Times?"

"Rabbit for Yard Concrete"

"southpark cartman pinkeye scott baio"

"peacocks as pets" (Jane says, don't do it!)

"flava cooks dinner brigitte nielsen"

"abducted by aliens and placed in a zoo"


My most recent weird referral phrase was "Waste bin suck air". What on earth they were looking for I don't know but it led them to a mention I made of storage bags.

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