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March 10, 2005



I accidentally subscribed to "Better Homes and Gardens". I was thinking "Good Housekeeping". It was a super-cheap deal, so I went for it. Unfortunately, reading "Better Homes and Gardens" is about as interesting as watching paint dry..but I PAID for it, damnit! *yawn* I do love my subscription to "Health", though. Very interesting tidbits and it's a perfect format for those with short attention spans, such as myself!


Currently, I subscribe to National Geographic. However, I buy People and US Weekly from the newstands - much like I supported my cigarette habit, I can't bear to SUBSCRIBE to them. When I was a smoker, I was loathe to buy a whole carton, because that would be admitting I had PROBLEM. Buying one pack at a time lulled me into a false sense of "I can quit at any time".


I used to buy far too many internet/computing magazines but stopped cold turkey the day I realised that I was reading the same and better information on the internet, particularly for standards issues.

If I could have a subscription to any magazine it would be Good Housekeeping or Private Eye (bi-weekly British satirical publication).

Goofy Girl

I love, love, love Prevention magazine. I always pick up something new from each issue and it makes me feel healthy just reading it (even if I don't have time to execute all the advice). I also picked up a Women's Health recently (formerly Self) and really liked it.

My guilty pleasure is reading my husband's GQ magazine. It's interesting reading what the "other side" thinks, and the technology reviews are to die for.

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