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March 31, 2005



When I had my last baby, at my shower someone gave me scented garbages for in the diaper bag. They are small, perfect for that one diaper. Rather than blocking the scent or masking it, the two combine. Not a good thing to leave in seldom used diaper bags, I found.

Good luck with the bad smell. Crumpled newspaper and baking soda sometimes will work to get rid of it.


Ha, ha, ha! A furry kumquat...in your purse! Ha, ha, ha!


Oh, bummer. And kumquats are so tasty, too.


We had a kumquat tree when I was a kid and I used to eat far too many and break out in hives every spring! What fond memories.

And yes, they have got a particularly strong smell, if left around for too long. I hope your purse makes a full recovery.


Kumquat. How can one say that word and not be amused?

I avoid putting fruit into my purse at all costs. :)

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