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February 23, 2005



I always wanted to learn how to Tat, but the picture instructions of shuttle tatting intimidated me. About ten years ago, I found a instruction book on needle tatting that didn't look impossible.

I bought it, and ten years later, I'm still the only person that I know that can tat. I make mostly snowflakes and other christmasy type ornaments with the occasional doily thrown in. I'm pretty sure that everyone I've ever know has received a handful of snowflakes for Christmas at some point in our relationship.


Juggling isn't too hard to learn, the tricks make it tougher. It is amazing that people forget to try new things as they get older. It definitely keeps you active. I didn't start Martial Arts (Kuk Sool Won) until my 20's. I want to learn a few more programming languages. Then to be a better carpenter to build us a decent bed. We'll see.


Yoga, woodcarving, various musical instruments and foreign languages.


Weld. Speak Spanish. How to shop without wanting to kill myself.


I always wanted to learn how to knit. I taught myself, but struggled to get beyond scarves. I finally took classes last year and I haven't looked back - now, I am working on sweaters. That would be my advice, don't struggle on your own - take a class! The added benefit is then you meet others who have the same passion.

Other things I'd like to learn? I would like to perfect my Hindi, learn my husband's language (Malayalem), paint with acrylics and learn how to make a pumpkin roll cake. Gee, I wonder which one is the most attainable?


kevboy - I forgot about yoga. I learned the basics several years ago and I really enjoy it. In fact, I need to look into taking classes again.


Good luck with that - I can't even juggle 2 balls! LOL!


Speak French, learn Photoshop properly (instead of trial and error), drive a rally car, do a proper cartwheel.

Keith of R.Electrons

Wow - interesting question!
Hmm - I'd say trying the rock-climbing walls - but I've done that twice in the last few weeks!
Maybe full-on rock-climbing!
Hang-gliding, small plane piloting, bungee jumping, parachuting - hmm sounds like a mid-life-crises. I doubt I'll do half of those.
What else? Better at electonic circuit design. C# programming. Java programming.
Well drilling. Backhoe operating. Cruise-ship piloting.
And maybe really able to juggle a bit.


Keith -

I've always wanted to try a rock-climbing wall, too! I'm just afraid I don't have the upper body strength for it. I suppose that would develop sooner or later if I were persistent.


I'd like to learn to speak another language, make cheese, and target shoot.

You should pick up The Inflatable Crown Balloon Hat Kit. It's not animals, but the principles are the same. It comes with plenty of supplies and an instructional book with pictures of people around the world wearing the author's creations.

I got mine at a discount bookstore for $3 and had my entire household outfitted with elaborate balloon sculptures within an hour. (I linked to an example in the URL field if you want to see.)

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