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February 25, 2005



I finally got to have a Friday truly off and got to go shopping in gorgeous weather in a great downtown shopping area with my son being an angel in his stroller. A wonderful, wonderful afternoon.


Pretty easy one...lemon pound cake from Einstein Bros. Simply amazing. Mmmmmmm. Aren't I easily amused?

Keith of R.Electrons

Ah Friday. TGIF.

It may have been a 4 day week for me - but I feel like I've been run over working for 7 or 8.
I'm sure Monday will be here way too soon


I have a 10.50am dental appointment on Monday morning. Despite having to have root canal work which means a 50 minute appointment, I get to sleep in because it's not worth me going to work before-hand...


I love occasional Pollyanna moments, we don't have enough of them. I'm glad that the snow didn't arrive today and that I was able to dry the bed linen outdoors - in 5 minutes I'll be tucked up in bed with deliciously smelling sheets. Mmm...

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