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February 21, 2005



Fortunately, none of my giant MC Hammer pants from college reside in my closet anymore. I mostly see teens in the PJ pants, and they often top off the look with SLIPPERS! What's even worse is when you see the 20-somethings + try to pull this off too. How GD lazy do you have to be?


My sister-in-law, who lives with us wore her pajama pants to her work meeting. Granted, it is just Arby's but get a clue.


It's really a look that says "I just can't be bothered", isn't it. I wear it to the letterbox to get the newspaper.


Once when I was extremely hungover and in dire need of eggs and Gatorade, I went to the grocery store in my PJs. I figured I looked and felt so bad it couldn't possibly matter, but I didn't anticipate running into my boss in the soda aisle. I haven't done it since.


Maybe it has something to do with the fat craze.*

Skinny peeps look better in fat clothes than their overweight counterparts. In some instances, if not all the time.

*Not beholding to any slur on any statures.

I see the pants the public clothes themselves with today and think "I wouldn't be caught dead in them now, but 40 years ago, I might have".

First post to your blog Aj!

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