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January 17, 2005



Yeah, thought you must be busy looking after your neice, I missed your regular daily posts. Like you, I have a mac laptop and thank goodness that lots of games aren't available to us because I just know I'd never get anything else done. A wireless internet connection is brilliant though and my new favourite place to use my computer is from ma bed. It's the ultimate in sloth and I love it! As I head for the stairs I shout to my partner "I'll be in my office if you need me!".


I can resist all temptation to laptop from bed because no matter how many pillows I use, the headboard is not suitable for lounging and I end up with a neck and headache (my father built it many years ago, I think he did it deliberately).

Spent the weekend working unfortunately but plan to make up for it next weekend.

Your niece sounds lovely and "flatted" should be added to the dictionary immediately.

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