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January 25, 2005



My mother-in-law compulsively collects Fiestaware (the heavy ceramic stuff). She decided at some point to start giving us the old stuff, which was great at first, but now we have about 16 of everything, and no room for more. To top it off, I noticed that the cabinets appear to be SAGGING from the weight. Yes, that's right -- they're pulling away from the ceiling as we speak.


My mom has an obsession for Depression Glass. She'll find an almost complete set, buy it, sure that she'll find the missing pieces cos she just saw them a few weeks ago at a different rummage sale/flea market. She never does, so the dishes just sit in boxes.

I think I have been given three or four "sets" and my brother has at least two. She is moving again and will clean out the boxes to see what she has versus what she needs. If she finds less than four sets, I'm gonna be surprised.



Jane, this post was for me! I have had a dish fetish since I was a little girl looking wistfully at dish patterns in the many antique malls my mom and aunt dragged me through. I have a particular fondness for Franciscan (I have settings for 9 people of the Apple, plus other odds 'n ends). However, they are mostly in the newer version of Apple and I really prefer the older (1940s and 50s). I have started getting some of the Desert Rose pieces, too - which is SCARY considering how much I love dishes and antique malls (like I need a reason to even go in one). I am just grateful that the Ivy pattern is difficult to find and very expensive. The silver lining? My aunt has a MASSIVE collection of the Apple with some hard-to-find and rare pieces. She has no daughters. Only sons. And nieces. Like me.

Now, silverware is another story. Through a quirk of gift-giving from a great-aunt and my grandma, I have place settings for 40, yes **40**!! people in my pattern of silver. That's a lot of polishing, folks.

Judi Lynne Judy


Do you still have the Vitromaster Jazz dishes? I have three plates and one bowl that I got at a second hand store in Washington state while camping. I now have a little art cabin that I am finishing building; (two 12x12 rooms,) and wanted to fill the tiny open cupboard we just finished making with Jazz dishes. Wanna sell your Vitromaster Jazz to an artist who would love them dearly? It would mean a lot to me.

Judi Judy
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