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January 18, 2005



I had a "talking too much" issue, also. I always got an "N" (not satisfactory) in the area of "works quietly without disturbing others".


No early boyfriends for me...my comment is that I am terribly impressed you could remember little Donny's first AND last name. Nice work, Jane!


I used to chase Jill Blackman around the playground, but I don't think she'd remember ME as her first boyfriend. Never saw her after kindergarten...


Thanks, Pharmgirl. You know, at first I couldn't come up with his name at all, but it was lurking in my cranial archives and I managed to think of it eventually.


I had a crush on Richard Buchanan in Primer 1 (1st grade..?) - he ignored me, I sat right behind him on the mat at story time and stared at the back of his head.


Jason Cromer and I "dated" from first through third grade. He dumped me for a new girl that moved to the school. I never did like her. Randomly, he actually came to my wedding, though we didn't really stay in touch or anything after high school. One of the grave disadvantages of going to a very small school - you're in the same class with the same people for 13 years, so dating from your class is like dating your brother, ick!

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