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January 26, 2005



I would say the worst pets in my childhood were livestock. Oh sure, you can have your favorite pig or steer, and name it and pet it every day, but when time comes to them to be "sent away", Daddy endures your frantic tears quite stoicly. Best not to get attached.


I, too, have been attacked by peacocks on more than one occasion. And come to think of it, I think both instances were food related! WHY do people keep these things anyway?!? Stupid is a compliment for these mite-filled beasties!


Geese. They are so CUTE when they are little fluffy green goslings. But then they grow up. and get mean. real mean. and noisy. We used to run shrieking from the car to the house as they chased us. My dad even took them to a neighbor's pond on unoccupied land adjoining ours - a good few miles from the house. They would still come back. Every time.


Also, I should note we did have a peacock, but he wasn't vicious like yours! That's why he didn't come first to mind like the damned geese. Overall, my dad had a penchant for mail-order eggs. We would get HUGE boxes of them. Chickens, geese, ducks. Smelly things.......


Nanny. The evil goat. She was chained up out in our pasture and stood guard over all the old rusty car parts. She actually lived in the cab of an old 40's ford pickup. If you walked out there and forgot about her you were in for a really nasty poke. Funny thing was, when she was a baby we kept her in the house and adored her. I can't remember what became of her.


Clearly, the "pea" in "peacock" and "peahen" describes the size of their brains. Allowing themselves to be encased in ice. What dumb bells.

No goat or poultry stories, but keeping a rabbit in the basement isn't a good idea. My rabbit, Naomi, chewed through a bunch of electrical cords and pee'd so much that no amount of newspaper could prevent the linoleum from being ruined.


Oh, yeah. We had an evil white rooster that my dad took for a "ride" down the way and dropped him off at a chicken farm that had primarily white chickens. I'm sure that poor farmer was mystified as to where this holy terror came from! Man, are birds rotten pets!


We had a pet mouse who was an escape artist (mostly due to the fact we kept him in a cardboard carton, which he chewed his way out of).

He kept leaving little calling cards all over the house, so Mum decided he had to go on permanent mousieholiday.

Keith Povall

I reckon I got off light. Growing up on a council estate, we stuck with dogs and cats and the occasional canary. KP

Heathear Bloom

I think you are all nuts! My pet goose Lucy was an absolute joy- I could chill on the lawn and she would come lay down and sleep next to me- so sweet. She was an excellent guard dog though and kept everyone else at bay. As for peacocks, the only reason I stumbled across this feather hating site is I am looking to buy another one. Mine was incredibly sweet and funny- a joy to have around. He liked to hang out with me and would perch on my lap and snooze while I read. Messy?- absolutely!!! But if you get either of these birds as a single and raise them as a PET, not poultry, you end up with a wonderful feathered friend. As for goats- bah! Don't get me started!!!


4 peacocks perched on my roof yesterday. If they return, does anyone have any advice?


How funny...Eric and I were on a walk tonight and heard a peacock calling in someone's yard. I wondered why someone in a city neighborhood would want a peacock in their front yard, so I googled 'peacock pets' and came up with a Yahoo Answers thread on whether a pet peacock was a good idea. One of the answers linked to this post, and I was like, hey, I totally know that blog!

And that is the story of why I am here writing a rambling comment on a three-year-old post, wondering more than ever what someone would want with a peacock.


We recently have two wild Peahens visit our porch in Burbank, CA. Talk about a mess. Poop everywhere and they ate all my potted plans and most of the flower buds, before they went to another yard to do the same.
If it was legal around here I would like to get them cleaned and cooked.

christine brungot

A lone male peacock lives free in my neighborhood for ten years. Will eat out of hand of a couple of the men. He was displaying for two preschool girls today and took a special interest in one four year old girl. I came on the site to see if there was any danger in letting her stand very close to him. no incidents of him ever harming anything other than spiders.


We have a male peacock who wandered in this spring at our wooded lake property. Friendly and not aggressive. Hey, for northern Michigan that's a rarity. Tried to feed him wild game bird food from feed store and he shuns it. Likes crackers and bread and stuff like that. What should I do?

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