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January 20, 2005




Is there a YMCA located near you? I really like the variety of classes that ours offers. When I'm "bored" I can always try a new one or a new instructor.

My other motivation is to listen to books while I use a treadmill or other type of equipment. I made a "rule" that I can only listen if exercising. Hard to quit if the book is good. Or easy to get back to it to find out what happens next.

I do have a question though -- where can I find some instructions on having a calendar similar to yours? I find them quite handy on several of the sites I look at.




Jane, have you tried the community centers in your area? they both offer Yoga classes.


Not exactly an Ask Jane (must dash, will try and think up something fiendishly difficult later) but have you thought of adding a favicon? A tiny adapted version of the black and white logo would look great in a browser window :-)


I keep meaning to create a favicon, but it's one of those things (like mapping this blog to averagejane.com) that I never seem to get around to. Thanks for the reminder!

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