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January 21, 2005


Yvonne DiVita

You never bore me, Jane. Always great stuff. The stuff of life...nothing boring about that.


The fickle nature of the public. I have some friends/relatives that read my blog and email me their comments instead of posting them for the good of the community.

Eh, what's a girl to do?



Thanks for the info about Typepad. I'm currently very miffed at Blogger's commmenting system, which is getting more and more crippled. And they aren't acknowledging that there's a problem. The one good thing about their system, though, is that I have never gotten one single piece of spam. I'm wondering if you have a spam problem with Typepad?


Typepad is very good about blocking comment spam. I think I've only received one or two comments that seemed random and spam-like.


Thanks, Jane. I'm still fact gathering and dithering about what to do.


Bear in mind that the gift subscription is still valid (https://www.typepad.com/t/app/gifts) so if you know anyone whose subscription is up for renewal, that person and another subscriber (new or existing) can split the cost of the annual subscription.

I did it with (existing subscriber) sbpoet and was mighty glad to pay half the fee!

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