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December 27, 2004



Yeah!!I am glad you got the Easter Island kleenex holder - the Average Jane le Manse was lacking without it. I can't wait to see it! The best loot I got was
1)a kick-a$$ $50 certificate to a local yarn store (I'm a knitter). I see a guilt-free yarn purchase in my future.
2)SIMS w/the Livin' Large expansion pack (Lord, grant me strength and help my addictive personality).
3)A very cool snow globe
4)cold, hard cash (why do they say "cold,hard". I love cash - I think it is "warm, snuggly".


The best thing was a digital picture printer. Yeah! No more excuses for never having any hard copies! I also got the SNL Trivial Pursuit game, which I promptly got my butt kicked at! Santa was definitely paying attention, though. Gotta love the fat guy!


Ooh, Rudy's nice. He's so solemn and dignified except for the (snicker) tissue stuffed up his nose.

I got a button maker and some Target gift certificates, which I spent immediately in a clearance-rack shopping spree.

Glad you had a good holiday.


Favorite gift was a clock/temp guage/weather station that I can put in the little guy's room so I can dress him appropriately in the morning without sticking my head out the window. Also really like the Este Lauder gift bag I got though, oddly enough, I randomly got 2 at different Christmases (this is not the sort of thing I'd normally ask for or wear). Guess this tells me that I really should start spending more time on my appearance in the morning, huh?

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