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November 23, 2004



We put a cat door in the door leading to the basement not for odor containment, rather to keep the dogs from cleaning the litter box. Yeew. Works like a charm. :)


We installed a cat door and had to remove the flap as well. They were too scared to try it, so now, we have a hole in the door for them to walk through. At least it keeps our child out.

Good luck with the fish, they shouldn't need much maintenance.


I am willing to bet the heads of my own little pretties that if the flap was between them and their FOOD source - as opposed to their toilet, they would have learned how to deal.


Oh, their food is down there, too. That's why I'm planning to put the flap back in soon. Now that they get what the hole in the door is for, they should be able to connect the rest of the dots (I hope).

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