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November 29, 2004



Okay smart-ass show me what ya got and make a witty but cutting comment on my blog. BTW I read your other posts and I thought we had agreed that you weren't gonna mention the cats anymore.


Jack - I can't make a witty but cutting comment on your blog because it doesn't allow anonymous comments and I don't have a Blogger account. Too bad, so sad!

As for the cat mentions, well, there are four of the little vermin sharing my house so sometimes they merit a passing mention. You can skip over those parts if you like.

Yvonne DiVita

Jane, you are priceless! Go with it! It's a winner. In a year, you'll be in such demand, you'll be setting your own prices...and they will be substantial. Those among us who are too meek and mild to engage in smart-ass comentary (Jane at Lip-sticking would pale at the thought...well, maybe not!), applaud you! Professional Smart-Ass...it has legs. Run with it!


Hey, I like hearing about the cats! Your blog, your life, your cats. :-)

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