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October 01, 2004



Isn't that caffeine-withdrawal headache the absolute worst? I once went on a hiking trip to the Upper Peninsula (the You Pee!) of Michigan and the friend in charge of bringing the coffee brought decaf and didn't tell the rest of us. Nine miles out on a hike, my sister and I developed debilitating headaches. Since there are no drive-through espresso kiosks in the North Woods, we had to finish the hike feeling like total crap. For the rest of the hike we hurled abuse at the (now former) friend who claimed we "didn't need" caffeine. When we finished the hike we made a beeline for the nearest Supper Club (they don't have restaurants up there) and drank about a liter apiece of their predictably weak coffee.


One day you'll be able to take a shot of caffeine by injecting yourself with a needle.. Then it truly will be an addictive drug.


There are so few legal vices left that I am just waiting for all the soccer moms to march against the Evil Caffeine - they'll make banners and t-shirts. Then, the Congress will impose super-high taxes. It's coming - better start stockpiling your beans now!


Could this be why you've always been an obsessive foot-tapper? Nah.


Oh, I totally am addicted to caffeine! The 2 days that I couldn't have it were the worst ever! I will never go a day without it again!

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