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October 05, 2004



As you've seen the way I dress, I don't think I should volunteer. How about Goofy Girl's husband?? He could give Carson a run for his money!!


Unfortunately, I have the same beach-bum tastes as you, so I'm not a good candidate. Thinking of the friends I know, you don't choose them for their fashion sense. The only ones I can think of are Dorothy? Maybe Charles?


Well, since I got you out of your tapered, high-waisted, camel-toed, acid washed jeans, I think I can help you with a few key pieces to get you by in a pinch. Old Navy happens to be a good place to start without breaking the bank. New York & Co. is a fave, too. Let me know where & when & we'll hit it.


I can relate *totally.* I can only go into a dressing room a maximum of two times before I must flee the store. I never have any idea what size I might need. I have shorts that are a size 4 and are too big and another pair that is a size 10 and is too small. WTF? What happened to standardized sizes? Thankfully, like you, I have a sister and a number of friends who take pity on me when a wedding or client meeting crops up. They hand me something of theirs so they don't have to listen to me grouse about how much I hate shopping for clothes.

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