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October 08, 2004



I recommend Garnier Nutrisse (hey, it's good enough for Sarah Jessica).


Alas, N. failed you. I'm so sorry. She is probably used to me, who would go platinum if I thought I could get away with it...


I've started a blog of my own. It's almost like giving birth in a way. If you would be so kind take a peek and tell me what you think. Thanks.

Jack the blogger


The comment about your hair taking a turn toward the trailer park made me laugh out loud.


Being very blonde is walking a fine line between summery beach blonde babe and Courtney Love.

Sometimes you have to step off the line for a while :)


Does Sarah Jessica really use that or does she spent $500/week to get someone else to color her hair? Hmm.


Jack: Nice blog! I'd have commented on your blog directly, but it doesn't allow for Anonymous comments and I don't have a Blogger account.

Daisy: I think she keeps the Garnier color in her hair for about 10 seconds after she films each commercial, then the $500/week hairstylist steps in to color her hair the "right way"!

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