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September 09, 2004



I understand what you are saying and since I know you, I realize you aren't a man-hater. However, I still have a negative image in my head when I hear the word "feminist" from past experiences with men-hating bra-burners in my family. I am wondering if others have had similar experiences and if that explains reactions that are similar to mine. I love your t-shirt, though and can't wait to see it!


Sadly, reactionaries have more or less succeeded in giving the words "feminist" and "feminism" a negative connotation. Even sadder, a lot of young women have bought into this and are hesitant to identify as feminists even if they do believe in all the things that true feminism stands for. We've got to take back the meaning of that word and "wear it proudly." Where did you get that T-shirt?


I got the shirt on the site that links through from my mention of it in the blog entry. The link goes straight to the shopping page.


Yep, there's still a long way to go huh. I think a lot of it is to do with men in powerful positions still having old fashioned ideas about women in business. Eventually as they retire I think we'll see a big push by women and the face of business and the job market will change dramatically.

Here in NZ we have a larger female population in our Universities and girls are achieving higher grades, so eventually it will pay off (we also have a popular female Prime Minister) but I still give it 20-30 years!


*squeals with delight* I loooove that shirt! Being a feminist, a republican, a person with a degree in women's studies, a lipstick addict, and a heterosexual, and a childless 30something, I delight in all the ironies feminism affords me. YAAAYY for US! :) I am sooo buying that shirt!

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