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September 30, 2004



Spagetti is real fast and easy to make. So is baked ziti. Even lagsana is a snap. Look the oven does most of the work. Lots of great recipies on-line if you look. Go see Sky Captain already so we can discuss it, don't want to ruin it for you so I'll keep quiet. As for as hubby cleaning up after dinner, dream on girl.

Jack the blogger


I hear you about cooking. Fall weather is pretty much the only thing that can convince me to cook, too. I don't think our oven was on once this summer. Stew is a good idea; you can make a giant vat of it and eat it for a couple of days.

Re: getting your husband to clean up. Have you asked him? I martyred myself for 10 years doing 95% of the housework until it finally occurred to me that I could just ask B to help me out. He readily agreed. I know it makes me seem like an idiot to not have asked years before, but I'd been waiting for him to "realize" on his own that I needed help. I guess that was pretty idiotic. Anyway, try asking if you haven't.


I love my crock pot. I can throw whatever into it in the morning and come home to a house full of good smells and food ready to eat. Lots of online recipes and cookbooks just for crockpots.

Roasts are easy; meat, seasonings, some onion, potatoes, carrots and voila! a home cooked meal.

I'd highly recommend splurging on the removeable crock version though. The others are a pain to clean.


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