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September 28, 2004



So no carrying around that nuclear device you've got sitting around in the garage, then ;)


Sorry to paste on your site but my ass is dragging. I was interested in your new (used) car so I went to the consumer guide website and it gave the following pros and cons. So do you agree or in other word how about some insight on your insight.
Jack the blogger

Consumer Guide Says:
Fuel economy, Automatic-transmission performance, Maneuverability
Acceleration, Rear visibility, Road noise, Ride, Interior storage space


Regarding the Insight:
I agree on the pros, except that mine has manual transmission so I can't comment on the automatic transmission statement.
As for the cons, yes, the acceleration is a bit weak compared to the sports cars I've been driving lately, but I'm learning to adjust. I don't see that the road noise is that much of a problem (although better stereo speakers would improve the situation further). The rear visibility isn't really that bad, except from the standpoint that it's a really small car and sometimes it's tough to see around big vehicles to pull out of a parking space. The interior storage space is really pretty good, especially when you consider the extra little "pirate hatch" in the back. I think my husband could get a set of electronic drums in there - that's the biggest thing we'd usually carry.

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