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August 26, 2004


Stacie Penney

Hi. I just thought I'd respond to your invite to leave a comment. I found my way to your site when J-Walk left a post about yours.

Today, email has replace snail mail and postcards. Friends made at summer camp have been replaced by strangers found on the internet. It makes me wonder at what will happen next.

By the way -- thanks for the bookcrossing site. I love it. I recently found my first book and have release three others. I'm dying for someone to find them, even though I know that they might not ever find their way back to the website.



It is funny sometimes when a friend mumbles ... uh... I sort of have this site. Like it's somehow dirty to publicly expose yourself on the web...hmmm....that didn't sound right. Oh well. And to Stacie... I really hated summer camp, but sometimes I think the internet is really just summer camp for the rest of us.


Hi Stacie! I'm glad you're enjoying BookCrossing. I have a big bag of books I need to release, if I can ever remember to take them with me when I leave the house.


To Jane: As one of the guilty bloggers, let's admit that there's a lot of pressure to follow Average Jane! :-) However, thanks for being my inspiration. I am hoping when my Tour de Fed ends, I can be a regular poster because after all, there's still a lot of rants in these pants.

To Stacie: Bookcrossing is like a surprise Christmas present in July. You forget you have released a little gem months back in that rest stop in Podunk, Anywhere and then when you least expect it, an email pops up letting you know someone caught it. It is well worth the wait for emails like those. Hang in there!


Hi Average Jane! Thanks for the invite to post a comment! I've been reading your blog for about 2 months now, or ever since I saw a reference to it on j-walk (boy does he get around!), and there have been several times I've wanted to post my two cents, but... well I guess there's no but, I just didn't do it! Anyway, thanks for all the great stories told in such wonderful detail. I've recently gotten into posting to a live journal account that a friend set up for and I can't imagine trying to keep up with it every day! (Though I would like to!) Especially when you know so many people are reading it! I look forward to reading A.J. again tomorrow! No pressure ;)
Thanks again for a fun read and for the great list of other blogs to read!

Keith Povall

Some people might keep journals secret because they might say unpleasant things about their friends they might not wish them to read. I am not the sort of person to lie, so a lot of stuff gets left out of mine, for fear of hurting the feelings of people I do care about, even if they are dick heads at time (Growler for example).



I think some people donĀ“t want family and friends to know that they blog, because they might want to work out some heavy issues. Or they just need a place where they can let their hair down. Or both...


I'm dropping by to see exactly what an average Jane looks like. Ha. Believe me I've had so much hoopla over at my blog that I wish I would have kept mine under my hat a little more!


Responding to your invite to leave a comment, here it is. I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing that little window into someone else's life. I hope people like reading mine.


Hey Jane,

I just stumbled on to your blog surfing on Photo Friday. I have enjoyed reading your blog!! It is very interesting and funny. I thought I would drop you a line, since you invited us to do so! I started a blog in June, but I don't write in it everyday. If I'm lucky, I get to it once a week. But it's been fun. I am enjoying it. Feel free to read mine also, but I'm warning you, it's nothing great!! ;) Good luck with your car trouble...I know all about that subject! I think I have a curse on me and my car!!! I'll be visiting again soon!

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