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August 30, 2004



Be honest...you could hardly walk at all the next day....right?

Yvonne DiVita

Indeed. A five mile stroll used to be quite normal for me, as a teenager. While visiting my Dad and step-mom in the country, during summer vacation, if I didn't want to stay home all day by myself in the trailer park, I had to walk to a girl friend's house...a good five miles down the winding country road. It wasn't a chore or a problem...I enjoyed it. Good for you!


I had a similar epiphany last week while in Cleveland - I had a wonderful time exploring the city on foot.


I'm torn between complimenting you on being physically proactive, and feeling quite a bit of angst that I'm surprised/impressed by a story like that.

Situations like these make me remember that technology is great, but sometimes you have to do it the "old fashioned way."

Personal goal: walk or ride my bike to the video store the next time I want to rent a movie.


Hi Jane,

I stumbled across your blog from somewhere else. Sorry I can't be more specific. I was in surf-procrastination mode today.

So sorry to read about the untimely demise of the Triops. I had Sea Monkeys as a kid and they never seemed to hang in there very long or ever get to look anything like they looked on the packaging. If I remember correctly they carried tridents and wore crowns and clothing! How did they get away with such false advertising? Still they were way cool.

Anyway, great blog. I'll check in from time to time. I hope you can train the cleaning staff to be more crustacean friendly.



5 miles? Color me impressed. I'm so outta shape that I got short of breath just reading that piece! ;)

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