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July 09, 2004


Keith Povall

You are indeed fortunate to live in such a fragrant town, nay country. If you drove like I do from Walsall to Willenhall, you would smell curry, dogshit and when you got to my office tons of bullshit.

Snigger KP


The only smell we get is a yeast smell from the corn plant. Not tasty.

Keith Povall

Jane, what do you make in this "Ol factory of yours" ?


My husband doesn't believe that I can tell if the person in the car in front of me on the highway is smoking (windows closed)...but I can, sight unseen. Fuggitabout cigars!


Mmm...when I was pregnant I had the most amazingly heightened sense of smell. My daily commute on the train was a minefield of aftershave, perfume and unfortunately a lot of B.O.!

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