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June 23, 2004



I'd not thought of grizzly v grisly before, well spotted.

The one that gets me jumping up and down in my seat is folks wring loose/loosing instead of lose and losing:

We're going to loose this game
I'm loosing my mind

/rant over ;-)


Did you buy your fish at the Indian Burial Ground Pet Store? Maybe it's an evil fish and is sleeping off the previous night's murders. (sorry, I've been watching way too many South Park reruns lately)


I bet I would like that book. Is it really long? I don't have much free time to read right now. People are always giving me stuff to read through and check for mistakes. I could spend forever trying to make a sentence sound better if I tried.

Jane says: No, the book is really quite short. I read it in just a couple of quick sittings.


It sounds like this book would be a good companion read to my Evasion English Dictionary!

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