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June 25, 2004



"spectre" n.

1. A ghostly apparition; a phantom
2. A haunting or disturbing image or prospect

...with a name like that, the poor thing never had a chance!


Losing a pet fish is never easy. This is why I am trained in aquatic respiratory resusitation. It's a valuable tool in times of need. Of course, when it fails to revive the poor pet fish, I find a dollop of tartar sauce to be of use.


I used to have a tiny fish tank at my office. The cleaning part wasn't worth it. I think a Lava Lamp is an excellent choice. For a while I kept Sea Monkeys at my desk, but someone didn't recogize the container and picked it up to examine. His "what's this?" was accompanied by a huge "slash" as tiny lives were lost all over my desk. Now I'm going to go read about your Sea Monkey experience!

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