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June 29, 2004



I found a good Excel spreadsheet I'll send you...I have yet to fill it out myself! AND, I'll send you the info. on a massage school in the area that does Sports Massage. Yeah!


Nothing wrong with unneccessary shoes, though. Just buy from the sale rack! ;)

Keith Povall

If it makes you feel any better, I now own more at the bank than I paid for a house in the 1980's (which I later lost). And you at least can afford the paint for your toenails !!!

As my brother often reminds me, penury is soul cleansing...


Good luck! I'm about to embark on an austerity experiment myself. I'm prepared to be amazed at how much money I leak away every month on coffee, hair care, and so on. My only reservation is that I suspect beer is one of my biggest luxury expenditures. Much as I'd like to, I know in my heart I can't bump it up to the "necessities" category.


I've been cutting right back since last December, it was difficult at first but now I find myself wondering how on earth I used to spend all that money. Not buying books all the time has meant that I'm slowly getting through that big pile of unread books and rediscovering the joys of the library. Not buying cds has meant going back to the "oldies" and finding that they're just as much fun as the new stuff and finally, all that time I used to spend shopping I can now spend on blogging - yeehah!

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