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May 20, 2004


Yvonne DiVita

Hi Jane,
Love the cat stories. Love cats. I only have one but she's my baby. I call her Wabby Wibby (which is baby talk for 'baby kitty.') She's 11 years old and a complete slug. My fiance calls her Jabba the Hut. Okay, so she weights 14 pounds. So what? She doesn't go outdoors, gets along well with the dog, and only spits up on the bed once in awhile. What's not to like about that? :-)

Mark Beck

I used to live with a girl during college (we were just friends, and had separate rooms), and she was a huge cat lover. I remember that she had a pile of Cat Fancy magazines in the living room, and I'd scan through them when I was really bored. I always thought that the Cat-wheel chair was the funniest thing. It would strap onto the hind end of a cat (that was paralyzed in it's back legs) with small belts, and had two wheels. The cat would then drag itself along by using its front paws. Ever see one of these?

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