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April 23, 2004



I love bouncy castles - as does my husband. Unfortunately we (including our 3 yr old) were asked to leave "Chipmunks" Children's Indoor Play Emporium due to him shoulder-barging the wall of the bouncy castle and putting a massive split down one of the seams!

Maybe we should just buy our own :)

Mark Beck

Hiya! Question: are there any links online to your husband's band or music?

Jane answers: Nah, he was a studio musician in Nashville long before I met him. Now he just plays at our church and picks up the occasion fill-in gig and studio session.

firq krumpl

"I have an enormous collection of faux copper Jell-o molds, so I tried to make an attractive ice ring for the punch the last time around."

i have an aversion to any food with 'mold' in the name, so when i saw a pile of these 'things of fascinating shape' at a yard sale, i didn't get hungry, but i did have one of those 'light bulb over the head' moments. planters.

i drilled holes in the bottom, filled them with soil, put plants that like to hang in them, made slings out of fishing line, and hung them up.

you can't see the fishing line unless you're pretty close, so they kind of hover. happy mid-century kitchen kitch rejuvenated with second careers.

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